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Standard Eyre Digital Services provides:

  1. Electronic Books
  2. Mobile Device Application Development
  3. Consulting Services on Contract Basis

Electronic Books

Standard Eyre Digital Services has two books published and two more in the pipeline for 2018.

Published Books

  1. Battle Stove Spectacular
  2. A PC Guide to County Playground: The Grand Grind

Forthcoming Books

  1. The County Playground Power Concordance
  2. What Good Is A Flower Strike?

Mobile Device Application Development

The first iOS application currently in development is SumMon411.


"Summon Monster 411" is an iOS tool to assist players with finding the right monster to summon using the various Summon Monster spells available in the PFRPG.

This application "SumMon411" (or sm411) will help players of the PFRPG with "Directory Assistance" searching all possible monsters that might be called with various Summon Monster spells.

Why is this needed? Suppose you are playing a character with access to the spell Summon Monster V. This lets you summon one single monster from the fifth level monster list, between one and three monsters from the fourth level monster list, or between two and five monsters from any lower level list. One of the options on the fourth level list is "mephit," which is actually a choice of one mephit out of the eight different types of mephit that may be summoned. A different option is to summon an elemental, which is actually a choice out of four different elements. One of those mephits can cast Glitterdust as a Spell Like Ability. Can you remember which one? I cannot. That's one reason I built this tool. Put Glitterdust in the search field, and it will come back with 'mephit, salt'.

A second reason I built this tool has to do with Feats and Templates. A spell caster with a Good alignment summons creatures with the Celestial template. A spell caster with an Evil alignment summons creatures with the Infernal template. A Neutral spell caster has another choice between Celestial and Infernal. Can you remember all the abilities the template provides? I cannot. The "Augment Summoning" feat adds still more benefits to summoned creatures, notably a +4 CON bonus, so +2hp/HD. This tool can apply that bonus. If you search first for 'eagle' you will get base stats. Search for 'eagle "+augment summoning" ' (or "eagle +a") and you will notice the Hit Points of the eagle have been modified by the Augment Summoning feat.

The reference to 4-1-1 is a pun on directory assistance.

I put an earlier python version of this app on github

Summon Nature's Ally coming soon in a future release.

Consulting Services on Contract Basis

Unix and iOS consulting and contracting services are available on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What charities are supported?

Standard Eyre Digital Services will donate one hundred percent of all 2018 profits to the Down Syndrome Research Foundation.

The staff at the DSRF have done incredible work. Please give them your support.

What does the name Standard Eyre mean?

I like books, and Unix, and medieval studies, and games. "Standard Eyre" ties together the standard error stream, the circuit court presided over by a judge in medieval England, and one of the most famous books ever written in English. When I first heard the expression stderr, I thought "Standard Err sounds like a distant cousin of Jane."

How do you pronounce the name "Standard Eyre"?

I say "Eyre" just like "Air."

As stated above, the name is a pun on the Standard Error Stream in Unix, which is abbreviated sometimes to STDERR or Standard Err. That term "Err" I've always heard pronounced like "Air" as well.

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